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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Curbing?

Several reasons:

  • No edging requires a lot of trimming and maintenance. Grass can grow into your garden beds with ease.
  • Wood or Timbers will rot over time. It also attracts bugs and termites.
  • Steel and plastic edging will lift out of the ground over time. Steel will rust and has sharp edges on it, which become a safety hazard.
  • Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time, and pop loose. Grass can also grow between the blocks.
  • Concrete landscape edging is one continuous piece and will last for many years.

Are forms set to do concrete landscape curbing?

No, a special made machine is brought to your home or location that will extrude a beautiful continuous concrete border.

How long does the process take?

Typically the installation will be done in a day. Depending on options and footage it can take 2 days.

Do you use reinforcement in your curbing?

Yes, nylon fibres are mixed into each batch of concrete to give the curbing additional strength and minimize the chance of cracking.

Will the color fade over the years?

No, the integral colors used are designed to minimize fading. A sealer is also applied at the time of installation to resist fading. Resealing is also a good practice. Please ask the installer as to how often the concrete should be resealed.

Will the curbing break?

All concrete will crack. To control cracking, control joints are cut every 24-36 inches to allow your curbing to expand or contract just as in any sidewalk or driveway.

How will replacing my existing edging with curbing effect my landscaping?

The installer will remove the existing edging, and cut a 9-12" wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. This will allow them to extrude the curb against your current edge. If you have any sprinkler heads in the path of your new landscape curb, they will need to be moved (which can be priced and done by the installer in most cases). If they are inside your edging they will not be affected by the curbing installation process.

Will I be able to mow up against my curbing?

Your curbing will be as strong as 3000psi and will withstand your mowers weight to ride along the edge of the curbing. The blades of your mower will not damage your curbing, and will allow you to mow right up against it, resulting in less time spent weed eating around your landscaped areas.